Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soccer Connor and Toothless Sydney!

Connor started soccer a few weeks ago and had his first game last Saturday. I think that soccer is more of social event than competition to him. He has a lot of fun just being out on the field with his friends and takes more interest in that, then running after the ball and trying to score a goal. But that is what is most important....Connor having fun! Besides, I remember trying to play soccer when I was his age, and I wasn't near as good as he is. We are so proud of Connor and his enthusiasm, curiosity, and strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to do the right thing.

Sydney lost her first tooth today. It is sad yet happy moments like this that make you feel like your kids are slowly drifting away to adolescence and soon adulthood. We are so proud of Sydney and Brooklyn and feel so blessed that we have such beautiful little daughters that are so sweet and kind, and have loving hearts turned to the light of Christ.


Kelly said...

Congrats to Syndey! Trey is jealous. We hope the Toothfairy brings you lots of money! ha ha!

Keith & Allie said...

Connor is such a stud! I loved his prayer in Primary on Sunday! :) That is exciting for Sydney! Losing a tooth is a fun rite of passage! We had great time with Brooklyn yesterday! She is growing up into such a sweet little girl! You guys have fabulous kids!

Curtis and Jen said...

Connor looks amazing on the field. I am glad he is involved in sports. He will be macho on the field the older he gets. He has an advantage being the tallest one on his team. Btw- how much did the tooth fairy leave Sissy for her tooth?