Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Moved!

It has been a while since our blog was last updated. We have had some significant changes in our lives that has kept us very busy. We recently moved from Las Vegas to the Portland, Oregon area.

Chris got a new career opportunity with Teva Neuroscience that was very significant, so we decided to take the opportunity and relocated. So far things have worked out. We thought it would have been much harder than it was. After much research, we had come to the conclusion that Camas, WA was the very best place for us to try to move to, given the excellent school system, the more conservative view, and most importantly- no state income tax.

We were very blessed to find a beautiful large home in a quiet little neighborhood, and backed up against a large greenbelt. Pictures are below. The packing and moving was greatly eased with the moving package we were offered. Chris's training has been going well- he has passed all his major exams and has adjusted to his hew role in the Neurology field. We put our home up for short sell and we are in the approval process currently- we should hear back from Wells Fargo in the next few weeks. We are crossing our fingers that they approve us.

The kids have really enjoyed our new home, neighborhood, and school. When we lived in Vegas, we had to arrange play dates and kept the kids near the home with the busy traffic. Here, it is so quiet and there are so many kids their age, that they run off in the fields and woods and we don't see them for hours sometimes. Worried at first, we found our kids in the neighbor's homes playing with their new friends, but we were quickly assured by all the neighborhood parents, that this is the norm and that the kids are welcome anytime! We have also had our share of new kids in the house- much to the delight of Connor, Sydney, and Brooklyn. I don't think they have ever had this many friends, and you can really see a change in their personality- a surge of confidence and excitement as they have adapted to our new location.

They also love school, mainly because they get 3 recesses instead of just 1. They love the cooler weather (We hit an all time high of 90 this weekend- the hottest weekend this year) and they have been readily accepted in our new ward with play date activites. This has been the best move we have ever made, and we feel greatly blessed. Let's see if we feel the same once winter comes and it's raining 7 months straight! We still feel like we are on vacation and that we will be going back to Vegas, and then it dawns on us that we are here to stay... a very weird feeling.

I think we will feel like we are home once our short sale is finalized. We really miss all of our Las Vegas friends and we really hope to see you again! If you are ever up this way, or want to take a NICE vacation for the summer, please don't hesitate to call us- we have plenty of room!