Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Connor's New Bike

The other day Connor's friend Tyler came over asking if Connor could go ride bikes. I said sure, and went out in the garage to get his bike...designed for a 4 year old. Connor was WAY too big for the bike- his knees kept hitting the handle bars. I felt really bad for Connor, but he was just SO excited that he could ride bikes with his friend. On the way home from work today I stopped by the store and bought Connor his new bike- a new inline Magna. When Connor came home from school I tied a bandanna around his head telling him I was trying a new photo experiment. He gladly went along with it. We took him in the back yard and told him to take of the bandanna. I had my camera ready to take the shot. At first he just stood there trying to compute what was going on... after a few seconds he saw the bike in front of him and his face lit up from ear to ear. He ran to the bike to climb on it saying how cool the bike was. Then he stopped and came running to us to give us a big hug saying thank you. Sydney and Brooklyn helped pick out Connor's bike and it was so cool seeing how excited they were for Connor getting a new bike. It was a wonderful experience! Here are a few pictures.

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Keith & Allie said...

Awesome bike Connor! You are such a sweet deserve it! Have fun & be safe!