Monday, November 24, 2008

Connor's Homework Assignment

Today Connor brought home his school work and Naquel and I got a real laugh! Connor is still working on his spelling (which adds to the charm of this writing) so here is a little translation.

I'm Thankful
By Connor Ross

I'm thankful for earth
but I have to clean it
I'm thankful for Mom
but she is stressed
I'm thankful for money
but I can't count it
I'm thankful for sister
but I fight with her
I'm thankful for so many things,
except of course bears

We find such joy in the way our kids think and perceive the world around them. Connor is such a hard worker in school and mom and dad are so proud of all of his efforts. Keep it up Mr. Man!


Keith & Allie said...

Oh that is precious! You have to keep that forever! He is such a sweet boy! Sorry you are stressed Naquel! What can I do to help?

Tai said...

Hey I just came across your blog, I hope you don't mind if I look in on it. Your family picture is awesome. That has to be so nice having a husband that does photography. I loved the poem, so cute. I love to read what kids think.