Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to Utah

When ever we tell the kids we are going to Utah to see Papa and Grandma, they get so excited. This excitement comes at no surprise to us when we see how much love and attention Roger and Becky and the family give the kids. We really appreciate all they do to make such great memories for the kids. This last trip to Utah was no exception either. As soon as we pulled up into their driveway, BJ came outside and started playing with the kids. While unpacking the car, we could hear the kids running and laughing while playing with BJ. It was such a beautiful day and the leaves had just started changing colors. We decided to take a walk down a trail behind the Binghams house. The kids were having a great time free to run and play... but we had to keep a close eye on Brooklyn who is always trying to run into the most dangerous situation she can get herself into.

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