Monday, July 6, 2009

Sydney's Dance Recital

Every year Sydney has a dance recital with her dance company Kids in Motion, showing off all of the wonderful skills she has learned. Sydney has been doing very well and really loves to dance. This year was extra fun for her because she was able to be in the same class with a few of her friends from church. She danced to the Lionel Richie Song "Ballerina Girl". She was so cute. Here are a few pictures of her in all of her glory!

Here she is getting ready for the recital.

Before the show, Dad was able to sneak back and get a few photos of her group.

Sydney has a very focused set of skills that she has developed over a long period of time ; )

And at the very end of the recital, they all came out to bow to the audience. To see the joy on Sydney's face was worth all the running around and preparation for her big day. We are so proud of Sydney, and continue to encourage her to develop her talents and interests.


Hello said...

Such beautiful pictures! I bet she was awesome!

Keith and Allie said...

What a beautiful ballerina! I know Hannah has enjoyed taking dance with you this past year! You are a great friend and dancer!