Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Condie Family Reunion

This last weekend our family went up to Zion Ponderosa Ranch just north of Zion Park for a family reunion on Naquel's mothers side of the family- The Condies. We were pretty impressed with the location as the pictures below will show.

They also had a lot of fun things for everyone to do: Zip lines, Tennis, ATV's, Horseback Riding, Basketball, Hiking, and Connor's favorite, Pool

The main attraction at the Ranch, though, was the swimming pool. The kids had so much fun

In the picture below, Brooklyn was so excited about going down the slide that she failed to realize what was at the bottom.... a whole lot of scare.

We also took a hike down to the Narrows in Zion.

And Brooklyn bit her tongue

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun and look forward to going back that way again.


Keith and Allie said...

That picture of Brooklyn going off the slide is priceless! You guys are in such a good spot in life! What fun trips you are going on! I know we'll be there someday too but for now I'll just be jealous of you! :) Gorgeous family!

Curtis and Jen said...

So I was lazy getting pictures over the weekend. Wow you got some pretty pics. We hope you all had a great time. My favorites pictures are the kids on the slide and in the pool.

Sam and Stacia said...

Hi Naquel! It looks like you had a great time! That seems like a really fun place. To answer your question, no it is not the Salsibury house, we found this one and we love it even more. It is a little more custom than Salisbury, which is nice. Miss you and we are excited to see you at the Bingham reunion!

Jeni said...

Happy 4th of July! And you're ever so sweet to think I'm creative...super nice of you to say! Oh yes...wish your kidlets a Happy Belated Birthday from us! Definitely keep n touch, we plan to bless Jett n September when we return...sure do hope you can come!