Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Connor and Sydney's Birthday 2009

Connor and Sydney had their 8th and 6th birthday on June 28th, 2009. This also happens to be their Uncle Aaron's birthday as well (Chris's younger brother). So Connor and Sydney were so excited for their big day, and Naquel was on the ball. She had a big birthday bash planned for the day. The day started out with the big inflatable water slide delivery. We had a company called A1 come set up their inflatable slide, but when then unrolled the huge apparatus, it had a huge tear in the side and would not blow up. Naquel was frantic and upset, and was trying to call other companies to see about same day rentals. I was on the phone with Jim, the company owner, demanding an explanation for for their crummy and unprofessional equipment and business! And the poor kids were looking out the window with sad faces while the incompetent employee packed up their junk slide. Dino Jumpers saved the day, and was able to deliver an even larger inflatable jumper water-slide. This one was 36-ft high, and dominated our large back yard. This minor setback only cost us 30 min of planned party time, so everything was good. The slide was set up in no time, and during that time the kids opened presents and had birthday cake.

Naquel, being the thoughtful and wonderful mom that she is, realized that Brooklyn might feel left out of all the fun, so she bought her a present too, even though it wasn't her birthday. We hope that as the kids get older, Brooklyn doesn't feel left out because her siblings have the same birthday day.

After the cake and presents were dealt with, the kids went outside into the blistering 105F weather, and frolicked in the sun. Here are a few pics of the kids enjoying themselves.

The above picture is kinda funny- the water slide seems bigger than our house.

Connor and Sydney had a lot of fun, and they really liked having all of their friends there.

So thank you to all of the parents for having their kids over and making Connor and Sydney's birthday so special for them.

Another year, another birthday. But it still makes us sad to see our kids grow up so fast. We feel it is so important to take the time to make as many good memories as we can, while we can. We are thankful for such great kids, and wonderful friends.


Keith and Allie said...

Wow! That slide is HUGE! No wonder Hannah had such a great time! Happy Birthday you two! Thanks for being such great friends!

Fausett Family said...

How fun to share a birthday! Happy birthday to you both.
Also congrats to Conner on his baptism. He is such a sweet kid. I can't believe he was only 4 when him and Elena were in preschool together.

Curtis and Jen said...

that waterslide must have been a hit! Smart thinkin on the entertainment.