Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hawaii Day 3 - Wednesday: 9/10/08

Today we took the scenic Hwy 19 north out of Wiakoloa Village to the Kohala Coast line. There are some stunning overlooks. We drove thru the quaint town of Hawi (Havi) where we partook of some of the best ice cream I have tasted, from Tropical Dreams Cafe. We stopped by an old church that was damaged in the 2006 earthquake. We Took hwy 250 over Kohala mountain where I took some pretty cool panorama shots of the green hills. One of the rather annoying factors about being on the Big Island, is that the roads are all single lane, and the locals drive 20 miles slower than the posted speed limit... and you usually can't pass for miles at a time. I took us 1.5 hours to drive 40 miles from Waimea Township to Honoka'a, and then another 30 minutes to travel 12 miles to the Waip'io overlook. Such a beautiful view- I wish I could have taken pictures there at sunrise.

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