Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hawaii Day 5 - Friday 9/12/08

I had made up my mind months ago, that if I was coming to Hawaii, I would be taking a helicopter ride to get some killer aerial images of the Volcano. So we booked a flight with Tropical Tours out of Hilo. We flew on a Hughes 500D helicopter and our pilot's name was George. They were nice enough to grant my wish: take the doors off. At first the idea seemed to make sense as I wouldn't have to worry about shooting my camera thru a Plexiglas window, but once we lifted off, I began to realize the problem with this idea. First of all, Naquel was cramped between myself and the Pilot. Secondly, I was forced halfway out the helicopter and I could feel the air from the rotors smashing against my body... good thing I was harnessed in securely. Because of my predicament, I didn't enjoy the first 20 minutes of the flight... but once I got my camera out with a feast of photos to be taken, I forgot about my discomfort and the joy set in. We flew over the active volcano as well as Rainbow Falls. 1 hour goes by pretty fast when you are doing something you really enjoy.

After the flight, we ate lunch at an Italian restaurant called Pescora's- a dingy little hole in the wall... but the food was aight. From there we drove around Hilo only to realize that it is quite the shanty town. At the end of the day we stopped by a Botanical garden, and then ended the day out at Onomea Bay where I got some killer images. see photos below this post.

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