Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hawaii Day 6 - Saturday 9/13/08

Naquel has reprimanded me for not giving you more information about our Hawaiian vacation. So to please her, I am adding more information about our little trip, and will break it down by each days worthwhile activities as they occurred. On the 6th day of vacation my honey said to me, " I want to get dirty, then frolic on a beach with Palm Trees". So today we rented some ATV's and 4x4'ed all over the north side of the big island. At the top of the trail we found this sweet cold water springs, and it was COLD! Naquel jumped in, but I had my reservations. After getting all dirty, we stopped by one of the best beaches on the Big Island, Hapuna Beach. Naquel didn't think about putting sun tan lotion on, and got a bad burn. We just layed out in the sun until dinner time, then went back to take some more "formal" pictures at our Hotel. My favorite one is the one above with Naquel with all the green around her. After taking sunset photos we went and ate dinner at this wonderful Thai restaurant called Jin Tia's. knowing that we had heavy travel plans for the next day, I was a little restless to get back to the hotel and start packing. Ugggghhh!

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