Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connor's Surgey

This morning Connor went to a surgical center to have surgery done on his ears. Connor had Dr. Schroeder put tubes in his ears because he was getting fluid build up in his Eustachian tubes. This is his second time having this surgery done, so by now he is a pro, and he wasn't even scared about going under the knife. Connor couldn't eat or drink ANYTHING 12 hours before the surgery. We woke up early this morning and went to the surgical center to check Connor in. Connor was excited. He always had a big smile on his face and thought that it was cool that he got to wear Sesame Street gown. He was a little worried at first because of the way it was open in the back, but once he was laying down on the bed everything was ok, especially since he had a TV and a remote to keep him busy. The Anesthesiologist came in and let Connor choose the flavor or anesthesia, and then after a few more minutes he was strolled off into the surgery room for the operation. Daddy went to McDonald's to buy mommy a big breakfast burrito while they waited for Connor. 30 minutes later they called us in and we helped Connor come out of his deep sleep. Connor kept on grabbing his ears saying that they were bugging him. Daddy kept asking Connor if he could hear him. Mommy kept getting mad at daddy for bugging Connor, and Grandpa just sat there embarrassed at the scene everyone was making. Connor went home, and after a few hours he was running around the house like it never even happened- just like he did a year ago after getting his Adenoids and Tube surgery. We are so thankful that Connor is a healthy little boy and that he can hear better.


Laurel said...

both my kids had tubes in their ears and i can remember especially when haylee had hers done she would scare herself all the time because she could hear so much better. do the doctors seemed to be concerned that connor keeps getting fluid in his ears because i thought that they grew out of it by now. what a brave boy!!!! glad he is healthy. hope things are going well with you. miss all of you guyes.

Curtis and Jen said...

He took it like a champ. I am sure I would of loved to have him as my patient at primary children's in our same day surgery. You have a great kid:) Love you Connor:)