Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When your kids talk to you.... Listen!

I came home from work this evening stressed out and in a hurry to start all the administrative paperwork as I am preparing my year end review for my regional manager. As I rushed through the door Connor asked me to come and play with him on his bike. I quickly told him no, that I was too busy and rushed up stairs to my work desk. As I sat down and started at my work, I felt prompted to go down stairs and talk to Connor, and so I did. Connor again asked me to go play with him and ride his bike, and so I did. It is simple... to a child- they want to love and be loved. Adults are complicated... our lives are jam packed with deadlines, expectations, and responsibilities, we work hard and get caught up in the rat race of life, but at what cost? What is more important- what our boss thinks of us... or our kids? Connor reminded me today, that the greatest accomplishment we will ever make in our life time is being the best parent we can be. Life's lessons can be so sweet!

Always with a camera, here are a few pictures:

Connor is way too big for his bike... I guess Santa will have to hook him up this year!

There is a little alley down the road from our home. Sydney is still working with the TWeels!

How can I say "no" to a face like this?

Sydney loves to jump on the trampoline!


Keith & Allie said...

What a great lesson! My poor kids are always asking me to sit & hold them or play with them and I keep saying maybe after I finish this! We all need to take more time out for those who are most important to us! Cute post! :)

Jared and Brooke said...

Wow! Great blog! I didn't know you guys had one until I saw you on the Pia's list. FABULOUS pictures!

The Ross Family said...

Thanks to Allie, Jiggy, and Brooke for the nice comments.