Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Break

For the kids Spring Break this year we took a family vacation to sunny southern California. Chris found a sweet deal at a nice hotel on Doheny Beach. Some of the fun activities included swimming in the pool, playing on the beach, shopping, eating out, going to Legoland, and for Chris, taking photos of the sunset at the beach. We thought we were going to get rain part of the time there, but we got lucky with sunny 75 degree weather the whole time we were there. Here is our week long vacation condensed into a 10 min video. And pictures below that.

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Keith and Allie said...

Oh I miss living in Vegas & being so close to California! I think we are going to try and take a trip there in September, we'll have to visit you on our pitstop!

You have such a beautiful family! I loved the video! (I need to remember & take more of my family!) It's so fun to see your cute kiddos playing! We miss you guys! Thanks for the update!