Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Vacation 2009

The Christmas Holidays was fun and relaxing. It is always nice to get a 2 week break from the riff raff of life. We spent the first week at home and enjoyed Christmas day in the warm Nevada winter. The week of New Year's we spent up in cold and snowy Northern Utah. The kids always have a lot of fun when we go up there. We appreciate the hospitality of family as well as the positive influence they have on our kids. Nana Ross made some traditional British Christmas cooking (Christmas cake, pudding, mince meat pies, sausage rolls), and Papa Ross took us snow on his snow mobiles. It was a wonderful season break, and we have a lot of great memories to think back on. Here are a few photos


Keith and Allie said...

I heard from Brooklyn all about how you got stuck on those snowmobiles! Looks like a lot of fun! (cold, but fun)

Curtis and Jen said...

We sure had fun with you guys over the holidays. I always look forward to being with you and your kids. I want to hear Brooklyn's version of the story while getting stuck on the snowmobiles!