Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love driving... I love it. It's my quick fix when I'm feeling down. It's like guzzling cold water after walking in the heat all day. I love taking pictures and having to wait till I get home to see if I got any keepers... its a great feeling... the same feeling I had as a 10 year old at Christmas time, rushing downstairs to open up my presents from Santa... intrigue, excitement, anticipation, all mooshed together in a hodgepodge of good feeling. Driving + Photography = Happy Chris! Even if I don't get the image I had in mind, being there and taking the picture...setting up my tripod...leveling the camera....dialing in my settings...scanning the edges of the image... and then hearing the crisp click of the all adds up to a very enriching experience for me. Then I get to share this with you! So, here are a few from a detour on the way home from work today!

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